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Two important pieces of the marketing puzzle are web appeal and curb appeal. Getting both right is key to selling your home for top dollar in todays market. Curb appeal sets the tone and attracts or deters home buyers. It makes your home stand out from the competition – hopefully in a good way. If done properly, it informs and attracts those just driving by as well as buyers/agents pulling up in their car to see the property in person. If done incorrectly,

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Mortgage Interest Deduction on the Chopping Block!.

Taken from American Home Shield newsletter 2011 Jan

10 Tricks to Help You Slash Your Electric Bill
If you’re looking for ways to help you save more and spend less, one of the best places to start could be right at home. Put these tips to work to help cut your next electric bill.

10. Install Motion Detectors on Lights. Kids are notorious for leaving lights on by accident. This easy trick can help you say goodbye to wasted electricity—and high bills.

9. Wash Clothes in Cold Water: Since most of the energy used by top-loading washers is to heat water, washing in cold can help you save each month.

8. Tint Home Windows: For windows that get a lot of sun, you can add a layer of solar window film to deflect sunlight and conserve energy.

7. Program Your Thermostat: Simply set it to raise or lower your thermostat for the times when you’re not at home.

6. Unplug Appliances: Even when they’re not in use your toaster, laptop and can opener drain power. So unplug them and save.

5. Wash Your Lint Trap: Since dryer sheets can cause a transparent film that burns out the heating unit, it’s vital to wash your lint trap with hot, soapy water every 6 months.

4. Change Your Showerhead: Replacing it with a low-flow head can use less water per minute – so there’s less to heat.

3. Cook on the Back Burner: By turning on your exhaust fan and using the rear burner on hot days, warm air will be sucked out, which minimizes AC use.

2. Change Your Lightbulbs: Compact florescent bulbs use a quarter the electricity and last longer than regular bulbs. And, they’re the environmentally responsible choice.

1. Check Furniture Placement: Rugs or furniture that block a vent can really cost you. Move them and save!

It’s not really necessary to spend a fortune preparing your home for sale. Cost-effective improvements won’t take away too much from your sales proceeds and may pay you back in either a quick sale or a higher price. A coat of fresh pain is the least expensive improvement you can make to a home.

A neutral decor — off-white walls and beige carpet — may seem boring, but it’s a good choice from a resale standpoint.

Real Estate Tip by Inman News Service published in the Houston Chronicle, summarized

As More Homeowners Walk Away, Experts Fear for Nation\’s Morals

Seems that this begs the question, which came first? The chicken or the egg.

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REALTOR� Magazine-Daily News-5 Costly Mistakes First-Time Buyers Make.